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Maintaining health is an eternal theme of humanity, as it is an integral component to achieve our goals of longevity, happiness, development, and progress.

In modern times, with the advancement in social progress and medical development, life expectancy continues to rise. Innovations in medicine, such as antibiotics and vaccines, have largely prevented major outbreaks of deadly diseases. These advances have made tremendous contributions to safeguard human life and health. Yet as human society industrializes and modernizes, we are constantly faced with challenges from newly discovered diseases. The prevailing mindset in medical research, which focus on treating the disease itself, is achieving limited results. Modern medicine is struggling to cope with many types of health issues, such as chronic diseases, intractable chronic organ diseases and other aging-related diseases.

In the face of these challenges, Dr. Rongxiang Xu proposed a revolutionary new approach. His ideas are based in science, but starting from a different mindset, one that is centered on the human body. Dr. Xu discovered that the human body has innate potential regenerative cells. He invented nutritional and technological methods to activate and develop these potential regenerative cells. Through these methods, Dr. Xu was able to eliminate organ damage via regeneration of the organ, and was able to eliminate hard-to-cure diseases, thus achieving the goal of regenerative restoration of the human body.

These achievements are integrated into the Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science. Dr. Xu devoted his entire life towards the development and application of this science. He pursued the ideals of caring and healing patients.

In continuation Dr. Rongxiang Xu’s legacy and to enable contributions from as many people in our society as possible, we established the National Rongxiang Xu Foundation (RXXF). The foundation will become an organization that unites the various organizations, enterprises, and individuals around the globe, who believes in Dr. Rongxiang Xu’s ideals of salvation for humanity through caring and healing, to push forward the ideas and applications of the Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science. Let us use the power of the community help address public health issues of the community. Let us use the power of the Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science as a great weapon in our fight against diseases. Let us realize Dr. Xu’s dream, of bring health and longevity to everyone on earth, and bring to fruition “the world of regeneration”.